Time may never heal the pain

So much sorrow shall remain
Force of nature's raging face
Moments gone without a trace
Within one wave a thunderous sound
Rushing through each death profound
So many lost and washed away
In disbelief this fateful day
Death arriving with one gush
Blinding fear and spirit crushed
Who will find that place of peace
Each day the sorrow does increase
From all around the world we cry
Asking God for reason Why?
There's no reason and no rhyme
For nature's fury fate designed
Oh how sad our hearts now see
The sorrow of humanity
Within a place where we are one
The wave is now the tears that run
There beneath the calm the graves
So many lost and so few saved
Looking to the sky that's warm
A clearing that has now been born
Uniting all to turn that tide
We will hold you up with pride
Showing you that far away
Someone here to share this day
Through the many lives now lost
Our spirits gathered at great cost
For tears you cry are shared with all
Great distance seems so very small
The tide shall turn and bring the sun
We'll stand with you with hearts as one
Our prayers and love and spirit's flow
Touched by sadness that you know
And life will have a greater meaning
For every moment that's defeating
The tide will flow with love to share
From all of us who truly care
Within these days of tragedy
Our love a constant homily
Of prayer and sorrow that we feel
We offer help through love's appeal
And we shall know that we're the same
With love and caring and the pain
Feel the peace that comes your way
The tide shall turn, we pray, we pray.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 6, 2005 

We ask that you make donations for this cause to reputable

charities. Directly to the charities themselves.  Please be wary of internet

charities on line that send e mails to tell you to send money for the

Tsunami victims. There are many e mails circulating asking us for

donations and they should be carefully scrutinized before responding.


It has been said that they take a majority of the money is kept

for themselves. It is best, they say, to go to places on the

internet directly to donate money for this cause. Such as Red Cross

or Save The Children or other organizations with their own websites.

I just want you to know that it is important that we try to give what we

can to help those who have suffered through this most horrendous

tragedy. Through a force of nature so many many lost.


Pray for those children who are lost through this but also pray

for the children who will become prey for those evil individuals

who will use this to snatch children up who are now orphaned to

make them slaves of sex and other atrocities. Please pray that

we can bring some normalcy back to those who were unfortunate

enough to go through this terrible terrible tragedy. We pray for the

family and friends of those lost, the mothers, fathers, sisters,

brothers, babies and all those loved ones lost to this rage of the sea.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Francine Pucillo


Midi "Only Time" by Enya

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