Seasons change within a year
Your spirit always will be near
With love and wisdom you are there
Within the psalm of gentle prayer

You were the softness of my life
One who said the words just right
Always gave a special peace
A gentle softness you released

You always were so brave and true
The world it looked right up to you
Your tenderness was always there
With so much love beyond compare

Forgiveness part of every day
You always found a special way
Smiling with a special glow
Peaceful love that always showed

Heard the words you had to say
Calmed the soul and ruled my day
So here I sit without you near
As seasons change within the year

Touched by love for every reason

 Autumn was our gentle season

Dancing of  the twirling leaves

Love we gathered now received.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright August 28, 2003








Midi Entitled "Part of My Heart" by Jim Brickman

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