Last night I heard you whisper
I felt a breeze from high
You touched me with your spirit
I felt your wings swoop by

My heart so filled with sorrow
I miss your special glow
No matter where I look now
My tears they seem to flow

Touch me with your softness
Fill me with your peace
Promise me tomorrow
This sadness will decrease

Something that you touched here
The pillow where you slept
I lay upon that pillow
My heart and soul has wept

Yes, I hear your laughter
I see your special grin
Your eyes were so magnificent
Reflections now begin

Colors of a rainbow
That fall now from the sky
Each day in life you'll bring them
I'll never say good-bye

Oh yes I shall remember
The words that we did share
These moments now are treasured
With love that's always there

Sweet and gentle Angel
Your wings made of fine lace
Touch me in the morning
At night my heart embrace.


~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright March 10, 2003







Original Midi Music "Visions"
Composed and Sequenced by
Andy Klapwyk

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