Life continues flowing
No matter what it's course
Words of love's expressions
With hopes in life we've sought

Love in life the answer
To give you hope from fear
When struggles seem so endless
The voice of love appears

Take the love that's given
For it will give you strength
Through clouds and rain that cover
God's rainbow at arm's length

Protection now abounding
With breath in life for you
Love in life now gathered
Will glow with courage too

Feel the love surround you
From every one who cares
Their arms around you daily
Words of heartfelt prayers

So proud of you my sister
Your courage brave and true
Our journey always endless
My breath in life is you

Nothing is impossible
In life they always say
All the strength we've gathered
You give to us each day

Feel the love encircled
Around your heart so warm
Love in life we measure
Will weather any storm.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 18, 2003

Dear Friends, I want to take this opportunity

to thank you for all your kindness and love

shown to my sister. As most of you know my

sister passed on February 18, 2003.


She was so moved by the love and caring that

each one of you showed to her in her life and

I know that she sends many blessings from on

high for all of you who she came to know through

your loving and kind hearts.


I  personally want to add my deepest gratitude

to all of those who took that extra step to give

comfort to someone you did not know personally

 but treated her as though she was "family."

Through her life she has gained many friends and

for those who knew her I know that you realize

that she was touched by this love.


My sister's girls and I want to let you know how

very much we appreciate your kindness.


Love Francine and the Girls





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