As shadows dance upon the moon
As music plays to heartfelt tune
Love is there within my sight
I look up in the dark of night
To see you there it's like a prayer
My eyes are fixed in gentle stare
There among the stars so bright
You glow in everlasting light
Heart on fire with a zest
Memories at my bequest
Smile that lingers there to see
Filled with gracious memories
There within the star lit night
Glowing dreams of all delight
Dancing on a breeze we share
My heart of hearts is always there
Tears of joy and sadness too
For you are with me all life through
Voices speaking in a hush
Upon the sky of velvet blush
Painted in the grand design
Of how our path was so aligned
Deep within the depths of love
It is your spirit I know of
For anywhere that I shall go
You are the joy of tender glow
That fills the heart of my whole being
Remembering the love worth seeing
Moonlight shadows flood my soul
With so much beauty life now holds
Within the hours I shall keep
Are precious moments I repeat.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 12, 2006
 February 18th marks the third year of my sister Lorraine's passing.
So many changes in my life since her beauty left this earth and so
many desires that go unseen now in my life. My sister was the portal
of my soul. The gentle and kind embodiment of precious life worth
living. It is so hard for me to realize her loss and each day as the
hours pass I always find a moment to call out her name to
reaffirm her living on this earth.
I know that all those who have lost someone precious in their lives
feel the same way too. My heart goes out to you for this.  There are
times when my heart is so sad and that's when I reach back into my
treasure trove of memories to bring forth her laughter, kindness
and love. That is the one thing that gets me through this terrible loss.
Time they say goes on, and you know that you must keep moving forward
and in the end the steps that have to be made will be the ones
of great importance  ~  the footprints she lovingly left for me.
I shall always miss that twinkle in her eye and her positive attitude
about life and how it was worth living. What a blessing she was
to me and to many.   In life we all suffer through losses and what
we gain are little passages of time that keep us looking toward a
new horizon and I time when we will share our happiness again.
Thank you for taking the time to remember my sister Lorraine
and I thank you for all the support during her time of trial and
sorrow. You all are a great part of my life and I want to let you
know that life will never be lonely because of your tenderness
and caring. May God Bless you all.
Love Francine






Midi Entitled "Rain Forest " by Sujin Wonglakorn

Obtained From Moose Midis






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