Today I feel so all alone
It seems like yesterday
Easter was our special gift
Today alone I pray

My heart so filled with memories
I miss your smile each day
I hope that you will always know
It will always be this way

All the days we shared in life
They'll never be enough
For here I am alone and sad
I miss your love so much

I think of you and always smile
I wish that you were here
I want to slip my hand in yours
To feel you very near

Time, it was not on our side
And yet my heart will flow
So grateful for the time we had
But prayed you wouldn't go

Easter has arrived this year
So hard now that you're gone
For now you live within my heart
The mist within life's dawn

Days they go so slowly now
I think of you and weep
My gentle sissy in my life
The hurt is now so deep

I know that you're not far away
You're always next to me
I feel your love cascading down
Our love lives endlessly

I'm sending you life's sweet bouquet

The flowers of the morn

Each velvet flower of the day

With colors soft and warm

Remembrances within my heart

Are flowing like life's stream

Of pretty hats and silhouettes

My special Easter dream.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 15, 2003












Original Midi Music "Mist"
Composed and Sequenced by
Andy Klapwyk


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