Precious one you're almost there
Sent by God this Angel fair
Showing way unto the dawn
Soon rebirth in glorious morn

As you lie within this bed
Feel God's Angels kiss your head
Softly, softly in a breeze
Feel the comfort with great ease

We are standing next to you
Hearts that love are always true
Quiet sounds within the mind
Words of love they now surround

Hear us speak in gentle tones
Now you enter heaven's home
Leave your heart upon us all
Beckon beckon to God's call

What joy in life to have you here
What love sustains is always near
Hear me whisper words of love
Journey now starts up above

Within this life your dreams are spent
In heaven's glory Angels sent
Guiding you without a fear
Loved ones gathered waiting near

Take the hand that leads you forth
Soft and kind you'll not be lost
Upon the earth your spirit stays
Within the glory of your days

We kiss you with a soft farewell
Feel the love like in a spell
Gently, gently as you leave
Your courage gathered now received.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright February 18, 2002






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