You're every season of my life

The joy  of  love I share

Upon my heart a testament

Of  love that you left here

In Spring you are the sweet bouquet

That opens in full bloom

With soft and sweetest fragrances

That permeates each room

In Summer you're the break of dawn

The sun that lights my way

The ripples made upon a pond

That never fade away

In Fall you are the golden hues

Of every pallet bright

That swirl within the autumn wind

The cool breeze in the night

In Winter you're the happiness

In every cozy fire

That warms the heart with memories

Of life's own precious hours

The seasons here upon this earth

That make a heart so warm

Are always just a touch away

Whenever there's a storm

You are the flowers of my heart

The ones that fill each day

With pink and purple silhouettes

That make me smile and say

You never are forgotten

With love I was so blest

To have you in my life was joy

That each day I profess

So as seasons come and go

They each hold treasuries

Of every gift you left on earth

That speak of memories

And so as time just melts away

Whenever there is pain

I think of you and say out loud

I love you so Lorraine.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright February 3, 2004


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