Many things you leave with us
Your very special heart
Glory of your journey here
In life will never part

Joy upon the face of those
Who felt your tender touch
All these gifts you left on earth
Your spirit leaves so much

Memories stored within the heart
Our treasury of love
Each one in life our greatest gift
The ones we now speak of

Kindness that you gave to us
It leaves a special mark
Feel the glow within your light
The spirit of your spark

Igniting us with stories told
In your endearing way
Smiling as we hear you now
These words won't fade away

Compassion that you held for all
Your heart so filled with care
What beauty you did emanate
With such a special flair

And so we say farewell to you
With hearts that will now grieve
Grateful too for all your worth
Life's platinum gold you leave

Your family sits in honor of
The glory that you gave
Through every minute of your life
Your beauty now engraved

No ordinary woman walked
Within the path you paved
Upon our hearts the love you gave
In life shall now cascade

No place in life is empty
For time will always share
The footprints of a gentle soul
Are carried on with care

So in this life indeed we know
That you will now remain
Love that's shared is always there
The heart of "our" Lorraine.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright February 18, 2003








The Painting  "Still Water Bridge" by Thomas Kinkade

Used With Permission by Lamp Post Gallery


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