February 18, 2003 ~ February 18, 2008



I dedicate this garden
With flowers soft and fair
With trees to calm your spirit
That bow when you come near

When I am feeling lonely
I'll have a place to go
I'll step into your garden
Where love will surely flow

I miss your tender spirit
The love you gave so rare
Beauty of each moment
With memories to share

Those memories are gone now
They fade into the night
No longer can I see them
They now are out of sight


But now I give you Gardens
With love that we can build
Together in this garden
Our dreams are all fulfilled

Meet me by the Maple
The color of deep red
Tree you always called yours
I've planted in your stead

Now it is a baby
But soon it shall be grown
Upon this earth forever
The tree you'll call your own

I feel you in the breezes
I hear the winds that chime
I carry on without you
Your heart now beats in mine.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright August 21, 2003



In Memory Of  My Beloved "Lorraine"

~ Fifth Anniversary in Heaven ~


It's five years now since you have gone

And still my heart is broken

For you were all the joy in life

Through all life's dreams unspoken

I turn around and you're not there

I whisper such a heartfelt prayer

Knowing you are in God's Grace

Touched by Angel's warm embrace

Each day in life I think of you

Your picture-perfect smile in view

My heart and soul it seeks to be

Holding hands ~ just you and me

Just like the days of old before

When love was always at our door

Reaching for the love you gave

These the days in life I save

Like treasures of the days gone by

I keep them close and still I cry

The laughter that is in the breeze

The touch of softness felt with ease

I hold you close within my heart

Not a day in life that doesn't start

With every word I want to say

I Thank God that you came my way

My gentle sweet and loving friend

The gift we shared will never end

For you were all that you could be

A gift that lasts eternally

We share a very special union

We gather flowers of communion

That fill our hearts with love's display

For Love ~ It blooms with every day.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright February 18, 2008











Midi Entitled "Heaven of Beauty"

Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*


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