With Love To Lorraine by Francine ~ Fourth Anniversary In Heaven



Some days in life are lonely
My heart is filled with tears
I see your face before me
Throughout our childhood years
Through times of sadness and of woe
We always had a place to go
Always reaching for my hand
We always had a place to land
Our path was filled with beauty
With love that was serene
For you were there to guide me
To help me gather dreams
 I walk without your footsteps
The road is hard to bear
I search you out in every place
Then feel the love we share

I see a flower in a field

The beauty captures love surreal

Upon my heart the love is blessed

Your spirit lives at my request

I carry you in silent times
Then turn around to see
All the joy of every gift
That you have left for me
You raise me up with love I see
Your spirit lives on constantly
Yet I cannot touch your face
Feel the warmth of your embrace
My love for you is never ending
The moon and stars are now attending
Night time comes with shining glances
Brightly glowing ~ love enhances.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright February 7, 2007

I will always love you Sissy

I will never forget you

My heart ~ my love

My special friend.




Midi Entitled "Tears"
Composed by: Bill Sandy -
Mystifying Music
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