Mother's love unending
No matter near or far
Within the bounds of heaven
Forever where you are

I see you and I love you
I'll never let you go
Children of this earthly world
I'll always love you so

Memories last forever
With every moment spent
Love that is the tapestry
Within your hearts present

See me in the flowers
See me in the sky
Feel me as I touch you
With love we shall rely

Words of love repeating
You'll hear them endlessly
My brave and gentle children
You mean so much to me

I live on now forever
So deep within your souls
Part of me forever
Within your life consoles

We cannot weep forever
For life you must have goals
I'll see you in life's sunset
As hand in hand we'll stroll

Always now together
I whisper soft and low
Mommy loves you always
She never lets you go.

~ Love Mommy ~

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright April 24, 2003-2004














Original Midi "How Are You Now"

by John 's Midi's and Things

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