Within this world of sorrow
God's Angel will appear
Although we cannot see her
We know that she is near

An Angel not of heaven
But right here on this earth
Our special Chemo Angel
Who showed her greatest worth

Her heart of love so giving
Her thoughts of love sincere
Such beauty in her countenance
Her loyalty so dear

We thank her for her wings
That came to us each day
Words of sweet encouragement
That helped along the way

In life we shall remember
The love that she did show
How much we truly love her
We want her now to know

There truly are no strangers
With hearts that love so pure
Treasured are their friendships
With hearts embraced for sure

So thank you for this lesson
The one we learned so well
An Angel born from heaven
Now on our earth will dwell.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 7, 2003

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank a very special chemo angel "Jan" who came into our life during the brief illness of  our beloved "Lorraine."

An Angel who gave love, compassion and understanding to my sister and our family during her life and who continues to prove that God's Angels, for the most part. are truly on this earth and constantly gain special halos for the love in life that they display.  The road for my sister was so much easier knowing that she had a stranger in her life who truly cared about her.

We want Jan to know that she will be remembered as a very special person in our life, not only for now but for always and we will always think of her with special love in our hearts, for she truly was an Angel on this Earth during the most difficult of all life's journeys.

Thank you Jan and all the Chemo Angels out there who give of themselves so unselfishly and with such a great understanding of life and the love you need to get through the most difficult times.

Love, Francine, Maddie, Dee and Greg

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