Colors so fulfilling
I see them everywhere
Pink and Purple memories
With touch of blue we share

My heart and soul repeating
What in my mind I know
Sweet colors of my morning
Forever they will flow

Pink will be the softness
That carries me each day
Purple just the glory
Combined in God's display

These flowers of the dawning
In colors blended bright
Remind me of you daily
Your beauty in my sight

When sun shines in the morning
As flowers dance around
In breezes that are Holy
Your love is earthly bound

So gentle are these colors
The warmth that you did share
Upon my life I reminisce
Knowing you are here

Pink and purple memories
Your signature on earth
Each one my own memento
That takes away the hurt

For always you will be here
With colors you portray
Love is never distant
With pink and purple spray.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 17, 2003










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