Each day and at Thanksgiving
Your heart is here to share
With thoughts of you forever
Your love won't disappear

In every waking moment
Our hearts are joined as one
You're always at our table
Holding hands with everyone

This sadness that's upon us
On this most special day
When laughter ends in mourning
What is there left to say

No longer can we see you
And yet we know you're near
Your chair in life is empty
Your love is everywhere

We wish for just one moment
That we could turn back time
We'd close our eyes in gratefulness
For all the love combined

Our hearts are filled with sorrow
Our thoughts of you are here
Your smile, your eyes and laughter
Will echo through the years

For all of life we're grateful
But mostly for your heart
For every beat upon this earth
It's rhythmic love imparts

The love that you have given
It stays with us each day
Our life was touched with velvet
For you were love's Bouquet".

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright November 21, 2003




Thanksgiving had a special meaning for my sister and I.
As children we used this special Holiday to share a
great moment of the heart.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Halloween, used to be a
prankster day. Chalk and bags filled with powder used
to dress up the streets and stoops on our block.

But Thanksgiving, was special, in our area.
We would dress up as little pilgrims and go door to
door asking "Anything for Thanksgiving" ~ We did not get
candy or apples but we got small change.  After we collected
our money we would rush home to our room and sit on the
floor and count it all up and usually wound up with
what we would consider a small fortune.

Then my sister would take me by the hand the next day
and we would go to the variety store on the corner.
We would take all our change and buy everyone in the
family a Christmas present and buy pretty paper and wrap
all the gifts for Christmas. We would put them under the
bed, hiding them. Then each day we would check to see
if they were still there and feel so wonderful that we had
everyone's special gift for Christmas. It was such a special time.

When Christmas arrived we were so proud to hand
each one of our loved ones a special treasure.

These small gifts of no great monetary value were indeed

very valuable to us both. It was a treasure back then,

and it is most precious and treasured memory forever.

These are the times and moments in my life I hold

dear to my heart and soul all because of Lorraine.

I miss you Sissy with all my heart and soul.
Happy Thanksgiving













Original Composition Entitled "Jesse's Song" by Roger Needham



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