Peacefulness comes over me
I need this time alone
To glorify the beauty of
The treasures that I own

Deep inside a special peace
I'm seeking now to find
Hide away from all the world
Each thought I have opined

Want to give you all my best
I try to search my soul
Every little part of me
Forever will console

Now I need to get away
To seek my soul within
Capture all the sadness felt
Throw it to the wind

Let it fly within the sky
Captured by the moon
High above it smiles to me
Reflecting heart's own tune

Deepest breath I heave a sigh
My life is now reborn
Gather peace within my soul
I'm calm within the storm.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001




Midi "When I Am Gone" is an original composition by

Don Gilman, known as NIGHT ANGEL


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