Times when I am all alone
Standing by myself
Feel the love surrounding me
In quietness such wealth

Is it me who feels this love
Or am I standing by
Wishing that the world will change
Heaving sorrow's sigh

Think about the suffering
Want to ease the pain
Each day a different torment
That stings like acid rain

Walking in this peacefulness
Within this place I've found
Quiet and such solitude
With eyes closed love is found

Air that brushes past my face
Now  filled with scented air
Within my soul I reach so deep
Repeat the words I share

Come with me to peacefulness
I touch your furrowed brow
Within our life this miracle
All hands be gathered now.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 2001






Midi entitled " Tears On A Rose" original composition by composer and performer
Élan Michaels

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