Where life leads me I will go
On gentle wings of love I flow
Beckons me to stay so near
Heart of love is always here

See my shadow in the night
Presence of a spirit bright
Softness comes in gentle breeze
Always in his path with ease

Shelter me with love I know
Silence of the soft tiptoe
Know you see my special light
Two spirits now one soul unite

Hearts of passion touched by lace
With gentleness pure love embrace
Echo music through the sky
Wings of love so high they fly

Held so close within this heart
Gentle whispers never part
Hear you call my name so sweet
Turn around our souls now meet

Stars are twinkling in the sky
Moon just shines for you and I
Dancing in the shadow's glow
This the peace I've come to know.

~Francine Pucillo~

©Copyright 2000

Midi "Everything" by Night Angel


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