Seeking solace in my heart
Within the dark of night
Footsteps silent on the earth
The sky with gentle lights

Time to walk away from all
To find a place of peace
Need a time to hear my heart
Rhymes of softest beat

Walking down a path of love
I search within my soul
Need to find the comfort of
What truly makes life whole

Reflections I will gather here
Will give me strength to bare
All the goodness that I seek
Is in this heart to share

Midnight now has fallen
With it now comes rest
Silence in the darkest night
My soul within now blest

Life becomes my miracle
The peace just naturally
Upon this night I gather love
It all returns to me.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001






Midi entitled "Tears On A Rose" by composer and performer
Elan Michaels


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