Walk with you in hallowed halls
Your shadow always there
Two souls one heart emerging
Love's destiny we share

Heart forever speaks to you
I know that you will hear
Our spirits bound together
Captive souls in love appear

Words you write I see them
They're etched within my soul
Golden thoughts on parchment
These words now make me whole

You reach to me in darkness
Your arms around me bound
I feel you oh my darling
These words of love expound

Depth of love has meaning
Whenever you're with me
These visions of you gathered
In love's sweet reverie

Speak to me in echoes
Of calm and peaceful night
Gathered you within my soul
Love's peaceful psalms recite.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 2001

Midi Entitled "My Precious Love" by ©David Folsom

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