Come to me she whispers
I want to hold you close
Dance with you in shadows
So tired of solos

Gliding now across the floor
In softness that abounds
I need the touch of you
To whirl my heart around

Her soul in all her glory
With dress she wants to wear
Man of life she's waiting for
He takes her hand with care

Pulls her closely to him
Dancing without pause
Feels this great contentment
She hears a loud applause

Stops before the mirror
She looks from side to side
Where is this man I dance with
He fills me with such pride

There she stands alone now
Just staring into space
I know he danced so tenderly
I felt him touch my face

Felt his arms around her
With touch she so revered
Casting sweet reflections of
The shadow that appeared.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000

Midi Entitled "Missing You"


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