Melodies of love I share
Awaken like a prayer
Special notes a tribute to
The love that we will share

Hear the majesty softly speak
Like echoes in midair
Symphonies of love are born
Because you're always there

Look upon this greatest gift
That music softly brings
Every note composed is now
The heart of love weaving

Music plays on endlessly
Like song within my soul
Always there in rhapsody
With peaceful notes console

Hear my song reach out to you
No matter where you are
This my gift my love for you
We'll twirl among the stars

Dance with me within the sky
This song I write for you
So you will know the depth of love
That flows from it's debut.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

İCopyright 2001

Midi "More Today" by Bruce DeBoer


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