Throughout the years of history's story
Our soldiers stand in wondrous glory
Of every war they've fought with pride
To stand for truth all side by side
To march in battles we have won
To stand with courage all as one
With colors bright of great appeal
Our soldiers through our life reveal
They are the champions of each cause
They stand and fight and give their all
No matter what the danger there
They forge ahead while we're aware
That freedom reigns for everyone
Because of all that they have done
To make us one and keep us strong
One Nation proud that they belong
Each one our child that makes us say
So grateful that you came our way
For you're the ones who keep us free
With constant quote "We'll always be"
Thank you for the time you gave
For all the love our hearts will save
With all our soldiers then and now
You gave us courage with your vow
To honor serve and do your best
With pride and courage we are blest
So here's to you and all you gave
Our hero's hearts in constant wave
Names all etched within a place
Throughout the ages all embraced
Standing tall through every fight
We see their glow of "Freedom's Light."

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright November 8, 2004



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