Through every page in History
There is a tale of Victory
Our Brave and Gallant standing by
To fight for Country do or die

Today our Flags are flying high
Unfurled beneath the bluest sky
Thankful for our Brave and True
Who gave their very best for you

Standing tall with pride we see
Our Heroes march reflectively
Thinking of those days gone by
Friends who gave last battle cry

Those on earth who reminisce
For all those lost our love persists
No greater love that they could give
So we in freedom always live

Through all the years that swiftly go
Courageous hearts we'll always know
Remembrances of those who've gone
Our heroes always marching on

For those who live with memories

Their Flags are raised  so reverently

To honor all with love and pride

Upon their lips each name resides

Great power in their Glory be
Our hearts are joined respectfully
To thank them for the price they paid
Freedom won by battle waged

Upon your honor we recall
Your loyal gift to one and all
The right to hold our flag up high
To feel the pride as you walk by.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright November 8, 2002




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