Blue skies upon a nation
A tear from heaven cries
Veterans of yesteryear
All gathered in the skies

Footsteps marching slowly
Above the sky so blue
Soldiers of free nation
Today we honor you

For every war we fought in
With fearless battle cry
We hear your footsteps loudly
Your shadows marching by

Legions great and mighty
That stand in reverent place
In honor and in glory
Each one our saving grace

We honor you our heroes
As years go marching by
Each one in great remembrance
We salute you way on high

Within the New York Harbor
The Lady stands with grace
She holds her torch forever
Her freedom we embrace

So proud we are a nation
By sacrifices made
We stand in freedom's honor
By valor you engraved

In life let it be written
That you will never die
Your names are etched forever
In stars and stripes that fly.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001






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