You are my one and only
The breath in life I need
I know that in  your presence
Love's constantly received
You walk with me in shadows
You touch my soul with peace
You give me days of beauty
Where love will never cease
Walking through the darkness
Your wings are always there
A morning of soft echoes
You lift me with a prayer
I'm no longer lonely
Through days so filled with strife
You give me strength to carry on
You are my love ~ my life
In life with all it's burdens
When pain and sorrow meld
You lift me with unending love
My heart is always held
Yes you are my Angel
Who walks upon this earth
Hand in hand through memories
With you my life has worth.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright February 5, 2007
For my beloved Valentine

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Midi "China Roses" by Enya Obtained From Enya's Midi Page

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