~ Holding Hands ~

Dedicated to
Marty J.V. Brown
April 11, 1980 ~ April 8 1999

He slipped away while I was there
Holding hands so tight
Said the words I'll always hear
When I think of him each night

My heart is sad for he is gone
Some days are very long
I long to call and speak to him
These feelings very strong

His words to me will just live on
I'll hear them every day
The beauty of his spirit lives
You can't take that away

Memories are deep within
His smile I always see
My friend and my sweet brother
Life's precious treasury

As days do come and as they go
He'll live within my heart
I'll know that we forever are
Two spirits that won't part

The joy he gave to me in life
The words he did instill
Will show me how to make my way
Life's journey with him still.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2001




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