~ Lynn Therese Hogue ~
1955 ~ 1999

The life you held within you
God placed it in your hand
So vibrant with such luster
It shines across the land

Your days in life were shortened
When Jesus called you home
Left your mark upon our hearts
Your light shines where you roam

Each breath of life you gave us
Was joy within our hearts
You filled our dreams with honor
No memory departs

With style and grace you entered
The world was at your door
Each victory you gathered
Remembered with great awe

Our hearts so filled with sorrow
Our precious child is gone
But you will never leave us
Your love now carries on

With those you held so special
Each memory combined
They look up to the heavens
Your spirit now enshrined

The stars are yours forever
With wings to span the sky
Your blessing you will send us
When snowflakes fall from high

The days that you were with us
We cherish them with love
Remembering your beauty
These joys we all think of

The way you smiled so sweetly
Or held your head just right
The little things you did in life
That give us such delight

All these things forever
Within our hearts they stay
Comfort just in knowing
You're just a star away

Good night my precious angel
We whisper this each night
All of us who loved you
Gathered in your light.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000




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Midi Composition Entitled "Eternity"


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