Treasured Emotions by Francine ~ Linda Flipse




As years in life are gathered
With memories we've shared
We look upon those hours
With love that was declared

The times in life so precious
That gave us treasured days
Remembered with great beauty
Where tender moments stay

Remembering with honor
The love that Linda gave
To all in life who knew her
Her heart is what we save

She gave with so much pleasure
Giving with such care
This time in life so sacred
There's none we can compare

Her smile so filled with beauty
Her heart so filled with love
You see the joy within her
The kind that life's speaks of

She gave so much with kindness
She filled our hearts with peace
Each of of us who loved her
Will feel the joy increase

Within her life was gathered
A treasure chest so full
With blessings that she gathered
And leaves them at God's will

Through life we shall remember
All that she has given
Smiling when we think of her
As she walks the path of heaven.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 11, 2011


Words from Linda's special friend Denise

Linda was a very special friend who I found the Internet asking her questions about my dog... Linda was very much of an animal lover and did a lot of rescue work for dogs...She also was a groomer. Linda was always there to help out everyone in her own special way.

Two years ago she was there for me when I had to put down my other dog BUFFY.. she also helped me find another dog which I could not thank her enough for. Today my dog BEAU is so precious to me .Linda and I would call each other couple times a week and talk and talk and we would laugh. Twice a year I would go visit her in New York.

She is no longer suffering Linda and I know she is in a happy place surrounded by all her furry friends that loved her so much looking down at us with your special smile... we all love you.



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