~ Wishing You Were Here ~


Years are quiet as they go
But always in my thoughts
My love for you forever
In flowers I have brought

Love is never distant
Just a smile away
Each day I think of you
My heart it wants to say

Thought of you the other day
Felt so soft and warm
Days of love of long ago
Never feel a storm

Think as me as you look down
You're little girl still near
Picking flowers every day
Wishing you were here.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001

~ Mom and Dad ~
Dedicated to
Consuelo Limon
12-25-19 ~ 3-24- 93
Frank Limon
10-3-15 ~ 8-17-89

Not a day goes by, where I 
Don't miss you Mom & Dad.
But when God called on you, 
He had a much greater plan

He choose to take you, 
through the white pearly gates
Leaving me behind, thinking 
He may have made a mistake.

Now when I wake each morning, 
and the sun comes shinning through.
It serves as a reminder, 
of another day without you.

There are so many times, 
when I start to pick up the phone,
To share some excitement, 
then remembering you're not at home.

I can't count the times, 
when it would have been easier to say,
I love you Mom & Dad, 
but I let that time just slip away.

So now. all I can do is wish 
you were both still here,
To wipe away all 
of those hurtful tears.

If you were still here, 
I'd have so much to say,
And I'd  think twice, before letting 
"my stubbornness" get in the way.

That time is gone now, 
there is nothing I can do
So when I say prayers, 
I close with the words I love you.

I know it's been years now, 
Since you've both gone away
But in my heart 
you will always stay.

"Your loving Daughter"





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