In beauty did she live this life
With precious gifts of few
A smile that always came around
Whenever next to you

This child of love so full of grace
A breath of God's fresh air
Barrettes she chose when she was small
Were purple for her hair

Diamond sparkles droplets
Feathers with a flair
This child of precious love
Left special memories here

Filled with life and love she gave
Pleasure to those near
Memories will linger though 
The heart will cast a tear
She chooses all the colors
That have beauty in the air
The color purple gives new joy
When Angel Courtney's near

She lives within the hearts of those
Who captured all her dreams
A heart of joy a word of love
Her countenance just beams

Always feel this special love
With any story told
Passed so young to a new life 
This artist does now stroll

Puts a touch of purple paint
Wherever she does go
While you grieve upon the earth 
Her love will always show

Painting sky with colors
The pastels that she keeps
Upon her pallet and her brush
Her joy will never cease

Purple barrettes in her hair
To sparkle down below
Smiling gently down on you
With very special glow

Paint your sky with special brush
Pastels give a treasured touch
Seeing all the across the land
The beauty now that's in her hand.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 1999 ~ 2003



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