For all the years you shared our life
Our time was meant to be
Filled with joyous memories
Of beauty naturally
Our hearts in life are broken
Since you have gone away
A special light in heaven
That shines with love each day
Remembering the good times
The days in life we shared
A moment of reflection
That cannot be compared
The days that we remember
Will keep us very close
The treasures that we measure
Are those we cling to most
You gave to us the beauty
Of flowers in a field
Of cups and sauces filled with
Love that was revealed
 We always will remember
The hours that were there
Smiles and sweet remembrances
Like every precious prayer
We never will forget you
Our hearts will always know
Joined in love and sharing
Your left your special glow
Gathered through the life time
Of moments that were blest
Your gave us all the beauty
That love will not forget.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 29, 2010


Grand Lake~Tim Janis
From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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