Such gentleness within her
Remembrances so near
Annie's heart has echoed
Each day of every year

Softness of her special smile
The love she gave on earth
Within her life sweet miracle
Her children of great worth

Heart of love she left behind
With family she adored
Special love they always shared
In life love's sweet reward

Within the clouds on gentle wings
Some angels did arrive
Brought a special gift to God
Life's children at her side

All of those who knew her love
So touched by Annie's heart
Feel her beat within their life
These treasures never part

She is always standing by
With wings that soar so high
Looking down on all she loved
Smiling from God's sky

Beauty never leaves our heart
It stays within those left
Gift that precious Annie gave
Pure heart that was so blest.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2001

Composition Entitled "Who We Are"

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