Times in life now gone away
Memories saved will always stay
Within our hearts the love is there
A peaceful place with love to share
Hearts are joined and love is new
Stephanie now walks with you
Happy in the place God shares
With all His children everywhere
Hearts are gathered here on earth
To remember you with love and worth
Special times that we'll remember
It comes to us with greatest splendor
Peace within the heart that binds
Keeps the love that is entwined
Seeing you throughout the years
All the sadness and the tears
Now you're in a gentler place
 Gardens twinkle with God's Grace
Your child and you are not alone
For you have found a gracious home
We shall miss you in this life
Knew the pain and felt the strife
But now we see beyond that sphere
Knowing you are always near
Watch us and protect us all
Scents of love in rain that falls
Breezes soft will give us calm
Like the gift of sweetest balm
Know our hearts in life were blest
With so much love and gentleness
Your light will shine throughout these days
In windswept days a Willow "sways"
God's gracious tree is not the same
The Willow tree now shares your name
Soft and gentle gift God gave
Bowed in grace with love we crave
Love we share is always there
In our life a gentle prayer
Treasures that will last forever
With all the love that we now measure.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright September 11, 2005

This page done in memory of Willow Dean.
I did a page for her daughter Stephanie, who passed in 1986.
Willow, unfortunately, died in a car accident on July 9, 2005.
Life was not always kind to Willow, her baby Stephanie died
 after fighting a two year  battle with leukemia. This is how
I came to know Willow. She cared for her Aunt who suffered
with cancer. A year later her Mom was diagnosed with
cervical cancer and died shortly after. Willow quit her job
to care for her mother until she passed away at home.
Willow was a special heart and it is so sad that she was
lost in a car accident but now she and Stephanie are united
in the Garden of God's love, sharing the joy of having each
other along with all their family members who they had
loved and lost ~ now they are all together again.
To Willow's Dad, Jackie's husband I want to let him know
that his child and grandchild live forever in his heart and
although it must be difficult for him, as it is with all parents
who lose so much that he will be forever looked after from
heaven's glorious place by Willow and Stephanie eternally.
I want to thank Jackie "Willow's step Mom for keeping me
informed about all that happened to Willow. 
 I also want to thank Jackie for her patience waiting for
me to finally getting this memorial done.
You can click on Stephanie's photo at the bottom of
the page to see Willow's little Angel Stephanie's page.
Now Mother and Child walk the clouds looking down
and sending blessings to all whom they loved. 
If you would like to contact Jackie and Willow's Dad
with an offer of condolence, please do so by
clicking on her e mail below. Thank you so much.

Or you can click and sign the guest book that we have

crated for her below. God Bless you all.


With Love Francine

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Midi Entitled  "Rain Forest " by Sujin Wonglakorn, Thailand

Obtained From Moose Midi's

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