Special heart you're in the sky
Your spirit always there
Hear our song the one we knew
Brought love that we will share

Hard for us it was in life
Such sadness we went through
There you were with greatest smile
My Bill ~ sweet love I always knew

Words to say to bring me peace
Arms outstretched so wide
Held me close and wiped my tears
This love now locked inside

I know you see me walk with me
Our steps I want to share
Journey with me on this day
I need to have you near

Flying kites within the sky
They were so bright and new
No one could go so quite as high
Mine just broke and flew

Wiped my eyes and kissed my face
You held my hand so tight
Raced with me across the park
Your kite reached heaven's light

You looked at me with tenderness
Released your kite above
Said they'll join and travel on
Their journey endless love

Today a treasured gift once more
Beneath the wind we glide
Close together in my life
Your spirit softly rides

Reaching out I hold your hand
I feel you holding mine
Every day within this world
Two hearts one soul align

Call my name I turn around
Your presence always there
Captured in an Autumn breeze
Beneath the wind somewhere.

Love "Frania"

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright  2001~ 2003

"Heart of a soul that wanders by
Is the gift you will share
On the wings that will fly."

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright  2001~ 2003

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Maryanne's Congratulatory Page

On Completing her journey in

Memory of my beloved brother Bill.

He so wanted this for her.

Congratulations Mare ~ we are so proud of you.

~ Frania ~

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