Throughout the years as breezes flow

Your music fills a  morning's glow

With echoes of the days of past

These tender moments always last

Your heart defined in every key

That brings a memory constantly

I see you at your finest day

Your music never fades away

In every season that we shared

Your laugher always filled the air

You were more than you could be

We heard it in those tender keys

The music now has never ended

For all in life you have attended

Playing songs as years have past

Taught by you with love that lasts

And so it is upon this day

This tribute in a special way

For all you gave in life we share

The memories are always there

I look back and feel the pride

Of what you gave in every stride

The words you said that I believe

You must practice to succeed

Music comes in many forms

Through life it helps in every storm

You were the teacher of these dreams

Upon your ivory blessed keys

Your music it shall never die

It fills the heart with special sighs

For I hear the songs you played

Perhaps the reason it has stayed

Thank you for the gift of giving

All the beauty that's worth living

Tender sounds a means of sharing

What the heart reveals in caring.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright June 9, 2006

William Bartos, an accomplished concert pianist and teacher

was the father that was there for me all my life. My Mom's

second marriage and our true experience of what a

father should be. I wanted to do a special page for him

although he is gone from our lives for quite some time, he

still lives on forever in the hearts of many.


His son, my brother Greg is also an accomplished musician

and has brought many happy days into our life. He is also an

excellent singer and has accomplished much in life because

of the ability to care about the music in life and that he

learned from "our" father. So a tribute to a man of

many talents and a special note to my brother Greg

who carries on in a special way the talent that he

shares so willingly with all of us.


Thank you for being there for caring and for sharing

your special life and your wonderful laughter.


Love you Always Pops



And a most special "I Love You" to my brother

Greg who has filled our life with love and

sunshine all the days of our life. You are very

special to me Greg and I know how much our

Lorraine loved you too. As Bill would say

"you're doing fine Butch.


Love Frolicking Fran


Love you Always


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