Dedicated to
~ Werner Hummel ~
June 15, 1922 ~ January 18, 2001

Today a special box arrived
Within it comes my heart
A special gift my Granddad gave
When Father had to part

A golden chain with anchor
Ship's wheel and Crucifix
Joined atop each other
My precious Dad's dear gift

Years ago this gift received
When he went out to sea
To fight for all our freedom
Granddad proud as he could be

Today this special gift is here
Now sixty years have passed
No longer see my Father's face
But in my looking glass

Their eyes now my reflection
Of love I have retrieved
The joy of both within this life
Was blessing I received

With the chain my Granddad gave
Those many years ago
Know the meaning of this love
So you will always know

Forever we are at your side
We hold your heart so dear
We are not within your world
But always we are near

Remembrances of love we shared
Forever on the shore
The joy of father and his son
Our footsteps joined once more.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright 2001



Midi Composition " Without You " 
by © Yuko Ohigashi


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