Precious little babies
That gave a sparkling light
Two of you together
Our hearts you did ignite

One of you in heaven
Yet both are always one
Angel came for Tracy
With gentle glow of sun

Twins in life our treasure
But only one could stay
Angel came and kissed her
Carried her away

Upon the brightest cloud
With rainbow streaming down
Upon the heaven's sunset
Our baby has her crown

Walking all together
In love's sweet unity
Sister next to sister
Within one heart will be

Love that's joined in beauty
As spirit freely flies
Gentle heart is beating
As wings now fill the skies

Family all together
Upon the earth who know
That footsteps always follow
With wings and bright halo

Our love is never endless
While rainbows brightly glow
Our hearts all joined together
Life's treasures overflow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright November 19, 2002



This poem in memory of Tracy Lynn Herholz
for those in her family who always think of
her precious little soul. With a special dedication
to Stacy Dawn whose sister lives on in her heart always.

The identical photos are of Stacy Dawn, the surviving twin.

Each represent the spiritual love that will always bind

them in life. Although there were no pictures of  Tracy,

 her image is replicated through the image of  a

spiritual bond. In life they will always remain

 identical in spirit and heart..

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