I brought my child into this world
With so much hope and love
Knew that she would always glow
Like twinkling stars above

For years she gave the light new name
She always sparkled so
With beauty and with reverence
My daughter's heart aglow

Battles fought and won with pride
She gave it all her best
Doing all that she could do
To flourish like the rest

Dreams I had within my heart
Now somehow had to leave
This greatest sparkle in my life
Has left so now I grieve

I look into the mirror now
Reflection is not there
Child that should reflect my life
Has vanished in mid air

In gentle woods of heaven high
She gathers sweet bouquet
Sends the fragrance to my heart
I'll remember her this way

Filled with beauty and with love
Her presence always stays
Footprints disappeared on earth
Now wings of gold ablaze

Sending me a special breeze
To let me know she's near
Petals soft like velvet tears
Forever will appear

Love that fills a mother's heart
With pride I'll always feel
The joy in life that Tracey gave
Will somehow always heal

Fly my sweet and gentle heart
Fill the heavens bright
Forever sparkles will ignite
With special glow our hearts unite

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001





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