My life is now completed
My wings I wear with ease
No heartaches and no sadness
Just calm and soothing breeze

I see you and I'm smiling
I really watch with care
Know that I am with you
My love for you is there

In moments you remember
In love though life we shared
These things that now I give you
No joy in life compared

For I am with you always
Through sunshine and in rain
Within this life my spirit
Will try to ease your pain

I thank you for your presence
Within my life on earth
Each one of you I treasure
For me there was such worth

In good times and in bad times
You were my constant love
Now within the heavens
It's you I'm thinking of

Watching and protecting
With love from way on high
Always standing by you
When tears fall from your eyes

Time in life not promised
But years in life we shared
You made them worth a fortune
I always knew you cared

So watch me in the moonlight
See me in the stars
Feel my wings around you
Forever where you are

See you in the morning
When sun is shining bright
Looking down and loving you
Holding you so tight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright June 11, 2003



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Midi Entitled "Wind Beneath My Wing"

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