Through life they stay beside us
By good that they have done
Across the mountains hard to reach
They send warm rays of sun

The warmth upon us daily
From those we love on high
These gentle ones of so much worth
Who in our life passed by

For all these mighty warriors
That fight for what should be
To right the wrongs of so much pain
Their hearts show beautifully

In life our inspiration

With humble heart assessed

This man of greatest bounty

Has legacy he left

To children now he leaves his life

Within each step he made

So powerful these footprints

Throughout his life engraved

For those in life he offered

His hand that was outstretched

His memory is honored

By love that he has left

And so now as he leaves us

His heart remains in peace

To every living human soul

His legacy repeats

Love has conquered many

By just one gift he gave

The pure and simple wisdom

Of all in life engraved.


~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 22, 2003

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This page dedicated to the memory of my

dear friend Tracie "Bloodpoet's" Uncle Tom,

who left this life way to early, but left a legacy

of goodness and mercy through his life's journey.


To his family, and children he leaves  a special

bond of love and caring that will only grow

and continue throughout the years, for he leaves

them each a piece of his generous heart.


 Because of the tenderness and caring that was there

for all the world to see his meaning on this earth

 has so much greater meaning.  Our hearts go out

to all those who lost this wonderful human being.


Walk in the shadow of his love and feel

the peace that his caring in this life gave

to many whose paths he had crossed.



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Please click here







Midi "Tears On A Rose" by élan michaels

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