In life we share our burdens

And yes we share the pain

But every life is sacred

And the spirit shall remain

Joy of life unending

With precious gifts we share

One moment of a lifetime

Now gathered in a prayer

Love it fills the emptiness

In shadows that go by

For life there is a season

For every sweet good-bye

No one knows this greater

Than those in life who bare

The pain of  losing someone

Whose love was always there

Leanne is on her journey

With Michael by her side

Their path is now their destiny

While all their stars collide

The sky is filled with wonder

With sparkling glow they share

Watching over family

With love and gentle care

And yes the hurt is endless

But morning brings the sun

Another day to witness

The love that has begun

Beyond the great horizon

Within the heaven's blest

Two hearts are joined together

In God's Light ~ His bequest

Upon the earth we'll miss them

Though slowly as we turn

Their spirits here to warm us

With all their love we earned

We shall see them smiling

Within our hearts each day

For no one leaves forever

They're just a breath away.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright October 18, 2004



Leanne was visiting Michael in Los Banos right before
he was to go into the U.S. Army. On her last night stay at his
parents home, Michael and Leanne were tragically killed
in a car crash on October 26, 2003.
They were very much in love and planning
a life together. Both parents wrote little memories of their
children below. Please take the time to read them to get to
know two very special people who are now sharing
a very special and sacred place beyond this world.
We extend our sincere heartfelt sympathy to both parents
and all those related to these two beautiful children
who left life way to soon, but left enough of their tenderness
and love to keep those memories of their short life alive forever.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

Leanne loved Teddy bears when she was younger.
She loved having friends and had a special friend
named Breanna.They were good friends from
the ages of 7 years old. Even after Breanna moved 3
hours away we would drive Leanne half way where
we would meet Breanna and Leanne would
spend a few days to a week with Breanna's family.

Leanne was quick to smile. She was very generous
 giving gifts, writing letters to her Daddy and I
encourging us not to be sad, and helping me
and later on her sisters cleaning the house.
She loved her nieces and nephews and could not
wait to be asked to care for them, bathe, feed 
and mother them. People thought Leanne was shy
because she kept her opinions to herself until we would ask.
 Leanne was forgiving of friends and family that hurt her.

Her Daddy nicknamed her Diggy and all her
notes to Mike or me she signed "Love Diggy"
 and would draw her special Baker Man with
the word "smile" on his shirt.
The name Leanne means field
(Lea) Gods' Grace (Anne). After Leanne died I had
 a vision of Leanne and our dog Bear running through
 a field to meet me in heaven. It was after this vision that
we found out what her name meant.

Written words by Leanne's Mom Carol
E mail Carol to offer condolences

 Michael enjoyed being with his friends and family;
liked to meet people; didn't care who you were,
he would be your friend would help you
and not ask for anything in return, was fun-loving
and enjoyed the outdoors. Always wanted his family to
be proud of him no matter what he did.
Because he was a small kid he always tried harder
(Until he finally grew in his senior year in HS.)
He was the type of person that as soon as
 You met him, he was your friend.
Thoughts of his Dad Tim
 I attribute these positive personality traits to his
 meeting Leanne. Nothing like finding someone to
love you just for who you are and not have
 too many preconceived expectations.
Just to love and be loved. I think he was....
Thoughts of his Step Mom "Claudia"

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