~ Tanisha ~
June 19, 1981 ~ June 4, 1996

My Beloved Daughter


You left my side so swiftly
My heart so filled with grief
I think of you so often
These words I now repeat

When in the sky a rainbow
I always think of you
The colors are so vivid
You're always in my view

Each day the sky an angel
Will always follow me
Wings of brightest sunshine
Forever you will be

May rainbows always follow
Where you may go
So I can trace the beauty
Of the love I used to know

You stay within my heart
My child of gentle grace
Forever you are etched with love
Within my arms embraced

You'll never be forgotten
You live within my dreams
My perfect gentle daughter
Your rainbow always gleams

In prayer I say so sadly
I wish that you were here
Then I am reminded
Your wings forever near

Dreams of you I treasure
As time goes slowly by
Your rainbow showing brightly
My gift within the sky.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000





Composition Entitled "Sweet One''  by Bruce DeBoer

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