~ Stephanie's Halo ~
August 31, 1999 ~ Dec. 2,1999

I know that you all miss me
I had to go away
Not too far from everyone
I see you every day

You should see my Halo
My pretty little wings
The flower Jesus gave me
His love and all it brings

The heavens are so pretty
The clouds are puffy too
All day long I have such fun
Bouncing in the blue

Seeing all my family
Watching from afar
Keeping you within my heart
That's always where you are

When you see a rainbow
Way beyond the bend
Always know your Stephanie
Is here with love she sends

Heaven's special Angel
Flying in the breeze
Sending you the love I have
With God no boundaries

Smiling on you gently
Stars are shining bright
Never lost forever
I twinkle in your sight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2001





Midi Entitled "Lullaby" By Bruce DeBoer 

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