Hearts in life forever joined
No matter where you go
A mother's love unending
In every breeze that flows

Time it seems to drift away

With every single breath

Knowing all the beauty shared

Are treasures that are left

The trials of life so difficult

But love does get us through

A mother's touch left on this earth

Her heart belongs there too

So special was this time she shared

Although it was not long

Her life on earth not meant to be

But love she gave so strong

It seems that sorrow follows us

But then we always find

Memories will carry on

With love that is entwined

For all who loved and feel the pain

Her heart it shall remain

In every echo on the earth

In every drop of rain

That falls upon the earth with love

That cleanses from afar

Which brings the freshness of new life

No matter where you are

We will know the joy you left

Because you came our way

One moment's joy of having you

Will bless remaining days

Within the bounds of heaven

On every rainbow's end

The love is always waiting there

To help the heart to mend

Stephanie will belong to you

In each and every smile

That carries on within this life

In beauty of her child.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright February 22, 2004


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Stephanie Rena Carroll, died December 26, 2003. She was

a nurse who had put herself through nursing school. A tribute

was written for her by those she worked with. I though it

fitting to print it on her memorial site.


"I'm sure that most of  you have heard by now that on

December 26th, 2003, second surgical lost one of it's best

nurses, and a dear friend. Stephanie Carroll.


For those of you who knew Stephanie, know what a special person

she was. For those who didn't, I hope that I can at least convey to you

what she meant to her friends and family.


Stephanie was the epitome of life. She had a smile that could light

up a room, and a personality that was almost magical. She had the

ability to instantly put people at ease. Stephanie had a heart of gold,

and genuinely cared about people. She had so many traits that

made her a good nurse, that you knew it was her calling in life.


Stephanie had to overcome so many obstacles in her life time.

She and her siblings, all being in the foster care system, as each of

her younger siblings became of age, she would bring them into

her and her husband Danny's home, and make sure they all

completed their education and got the start in life they so

needed, all without complaints.


She rose to the challenge of each new role in her life. With the

help of Danny, she completed nursing school, and began her career

 she had always hoped for, all with the dignity that defined her life.


Stephanie's greatest roles in life were that of wife to Danny, and

mother to 3 month old Summer Rena. She loved being a mother

and had a constant glow about her since Summer's birth.


Stephanie left behind a legacy of love, and this will forever

live on in Summer Rena.  For those of us lucky enough to

know and love her, we know we cannot question God's will, but

we will never understand.  While we, as Stephanie's friends

continue to grieve and mourn her death, we cannot begin to

comprehend the pain her family is feeling. They continue to need

our support and our prayers. Stephanie's life touched so many,

she will be forever missed."


"The above written by her friends in tribute to Stephanie."


We  wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Stephanie

who lost a wonderful precious heart way too soon. Her legacy

lives on through all those who loved her and most especially

her heart lives on through the joy of her little girl who was left

on this earth to smile for her Mommy.


If you wish to contact the family of Stephanie you

may do so at this e mail address:








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