Morning bright and shiny
Jesus at the gate
Stephanie is running
Arms outstretch in haste

"Hi, My Little Angel
You've finally arrived
I have your special halo
All polished and your size"

He placed the golden halo
Upon her little head
Angels were rejoicing
He picked her up and said

"Now you are my treasure
My joy from earth below
All the children wait for you
They really love you so"

Stephanie she kissed Him
She really seemed so shy
Jesus said, "I love you"
Your home is in the sky

All your family loves you
You'll see them from above
You can bless them daily
With extra special love

Jesus held her closely
Gave her extra squeeze
Said, "You are my angel"
Now Stephanie is pleased

Flying in the sky so blue
Wings are twinkling bright
Halo glowing in the sky
So radiant her flight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001

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