Shirley Hamilton
Beloved Wife And Mother
June 5, 1938 ~ May 14, 2001

Each night we look to heaven
We say a special prayer
Mother whispers softly
Forever I am near

Hear her speak so tender
Touched by love this way
For all the life she gave us
Her love will always stay

Each of us do grieve now
As days drift slowly by
Gathered all together
We bid her life's good bye

Feel her love surround us
In garden filled with love
Petals falling softly
Her gift from up above

She'll always be our treasure
Sweet memories sustained
For all the love she gathered
Each blessing will remain

Forever we will treasure
The joy within our hearts
The light that shines forever
God's precious work of art.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

 ęCopyright 2002





Composition Entitled "Every Night"


Original Painting entitled "Garden Of Eden"
PLEASE NOTE it does not have the lady in it.

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