Bunny Love


Samantha Rose

My precious Little Bunnies
For me were always there
To me they were the softness
With love that can't compare

Loved to touch their silky ears
They felt so smooth and nice
Took them with me always
They gave such good advice

Whispered to me always
How much they truly cared
Felt I was protected
With love that we all shared

Two very special bunnies
Were always by my side
Mamma and Best Bunny
They always dried my eyes

My Bunnies they were precious
They helped to get me through
I'd feel their arms around me
With love that was so true

Within my life this blessing
So easily expressed
Now in the sky my Bunnies
Our journey now is blest

I asked God for a Halo
But then He gave me three
One for "Mama Bunny"
"Best Bunny" and also one for "Me"

So in the sky we travel
We see you from on high
Me and my two Bunnies
Send kisses from the sky.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 12, 2002
Written exclusively for
Samantha Rose

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