Robert L. Ritcey

February 20, 1934 ~ May 30, 2002

Tides in life now rising
Each wave upon the shore
Embedded crystal footprints
Of those who walked before

Memories now gathered
That ebb and flow with sea
Thoughts of you will fill us
With love and harmony

In life we shall remember
Those who made their mark
Upon the heart of others
Their spirit now embarks

Waves of love that enter
Now crashing with a roar
Echoes in the distance
Sounds we can't ignore

All of us now gathered
Within the tides that bind
Each ripple in the ocean
Hearts and souls combined

Each one of us extension
Of all the love you gave
Turn around we see you
Bright light within a wave

Here we are now standing
Looking at this place
Water glides so smoothly
Sands of time now trace

Brave heart in the distance
Full sail with a breeze
Creating diamond crystals
Which on the shore he leaves.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 12, 2002





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