Richard (Dick) M. Boyd

June 19, 1927 ~ July 9, 2002

 In life our greatest treasures
We keep within our hearts
The ones we hold most dearly
For us they never part

Each word he spoke so clearly
His heart was plain to see
Such honor in just sharing
Our thoughts and memories

No matter what the season
No matter what the day
His smile would always calm us
He had that special way

No Dad in life was greater
Or had so much to give
For each of us will treasure
The life that he did live

Always he is with us
He whispers in a breeze
Forever he is anchored
In life he never leaves

For footsteps he has taken
Upon the path shall stay
With memory of Daddy
He walks with us each day

In life so many burdens
But never would complain
He smiled and always taught us
So much in life to gain

Daddy you're remembered
With very special love
Looking up to heaven
We see your light above

So thank you for your wisdom
For heart so good and pure
Until we are together
We all will be assured

That from the sky you watch us
With very gentle sigh
Smiling on us daily
Waving from God's sky.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 1, 2002


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